Aphrodite and her kittens two


line6 Meet Aphrodite ….. she came to us as either a fat cat or maybe a pregnant cat. 
She landed in the shelter late April .. left in a box at the door.  She was started on her shots, but then she got sick and had to have medications for an Upper Respiratory Infection.  When she was finally well, she looked like there may be more to her than just her!
Indeed – Aphrodite made three in one cats. 
On June 15th she delivered two little kittens: Coco Bean tipper5_july_18_2010 and Tipper.  Because she had been given the distemper combination shots and because she had been sick, we really did not expect the kittens to make … but they did. 
Today they are round and fluffy and friendly and frisky and look the picture of health!

Here is Tipper.  I am not sure if they are female or male yet.  But Tipper is so darn cute.  This kitten is black and fluffy and will probably be a long hair.  She has a bright white tip on the end of her tail.  She was born black as black can be, but  every day she is getting more and more of these white wispy hairs over her black coat.    And she has long white whiskers.  Cool looking Cat!coffee_bean_july_18_2010sm

Here is Coco Bean.  This kitten is also all black but with a growing amount of black over the white and a bit of white on the chest.  Just as cute as can be!  I suspect this one too will be a long hair.

Aphrodite has long silky gray hair.  She is missing some, well, it’s thin, from the babies and all.  Pregnancy and nursing is  hard on the body, but she is such a wonderful mom and a sweet cat too. 

aphrodite4_july_18_2010Aphrodite loves to be petted and brushed.  She is so easy going and will put with an awful lot without getting angry or  upset.

Aphrodite and her kittens will be available for adoption after they are spayed or neutered and up to date on their shots.  The kittens have been so healthy and hopefully will remain so!


  Making a Difference

tipper_july_18_2010PetsConnect! is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization moving into out Tenth Year!
All the animals are in foster homes and well cared for, we pay our bills, make our thank yous and our volunteers work very hard to run PetsConnect! as a professional, caring, friendly business! 
The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

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