Claire, Rose and Juliet See The World


Puppies need lots of play time! We begged our mom to take us to the great big yard outside so we could run and play.

All we needed was a soft blanket, some toys and we were good to go!


Wrestling in the yard Puppies 052         Toy time              Puppies 049


                 Puppies 060      Claire          Claire 2 6-19-10                                                                 

I’m Claire. I like to smell everything. Sometimes I run just so my mom will chase me. Being outside is fun. There is lots to see and fun things to chase. My favorite thing to run after is something my mom calls a butterfly? It has pretty colors and flies away and then comes back. 


 Juliet 3 6-19-10 I’m Juliet. I am the smallest of my sisters. I like to be

outside but I’m happy to just lay in the grass. My foster mom will cuddle me and we lay outside on a blanket and I get to nap in the sunshine.


                      Juliet 2 6-19-10               Puppies 069


I’m Rose, but my mom calls me Rosie May. I like to wrestle with my sisters. Being outside is fun. My girls play with me and we run and chase a ball. Mom has to chase Claire because she likes to run away. 

Rose 2 6-19-10  I stay close to Mom and my girls and Juliet.  Puppies 046


Juliet sneaks up on me so we can wrestle. Rose and Juliet 2 6-19-10

I am bigger so I usually win.


When we are all done playing Mom takes us in the house. We get tired easy and playing makes us really tired!! Mom makes sure we drink some water and then it’s nap time.      Rose and Juliet 1


I hope we get to play outside every day!!                    Puppies 039

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