Jess, Jessy, Josy and Joyce



Jess, Jessy, Josy and Joyce

Jess – male
Jessy, Josy and Joyce – females
Date of Birth: May 6th, 2010

Mom looks like maybe a small aussie/border collie mix
Dad is unknown
All the pups are black with a bit of white, two have stubby dog-paw-print-blacktails and two have long tails.  No clue how big or not big they may be when full grown.

So, in person the pups look different.  Two have long tails and two have short hairs, one has a lot of white, a couple have white tipped toes and a couple have less white … but then when I look at the photos, good grief, it can be so hard to tell them apart!  I think I need to put those puppy collars on them and then take photos!

jasmine_nursing_pup2_june_3_2010 Jessie is the easiest to tell apart.  She has a stub tail and a lot of white!  All four toes are white tipped with her front paw having lots of white and her chest has an enormous white t on it.  She is also one of the stockier, larger puppies.   One evening we lost her.  We were searching the woods, the marsh, up the neighbors lane which goes way in the back, the farms … like this little puppy could travel that far!  We are tired, we are hot, we are wet from the humidity and sweat .. our legs and arms have small dog-paw-print-blackcuts from the black berry brambles.  We are sitting on the back patio and I swear I hear a puppy whimper.  For the fifth time we crawl all over underneath the patio thinking we are too old for this.  Again, we hear the whimper but it’s ON TOP of the patio.  That puppy had managed to get herself under a large litter box that I had set out on the patio to dry!  We were so relieved to find her!  That poor thing jasmine_pup5_june_10_2010sm had been ‘trapped’ under the litter box the entire time we were out searching for her.

Josy is the other female with a stub tail.  Josy has has a white thin strip on her chest and a bit of a tip of white on her back feet.  If she is standing I can’t even see any white.

Joyce, the third female, has a long tail.  She has an odd shaped bit of white on her chest and her back toes are slightly tipped in white.  It almost looks like the pups were walking in white paint! jasmine3_pup_june_10_2010

I’m guessing that this is Joyce – I could be the male too because he also has a long tail. Joyce is a bit shy compared to her siblings and just a little smaller.  She and her brother have a different body style than Jesse and Josy.  They aren’t as stocky.

Do they dig? Oh Yea.  And here is the proof!  It was a hot day, the dirt under the trees was cool and probably full of delicious smells.  This is j_male2_june_20_2010Jess digging as best his little paws would let him into the dirt!

Jess has a long tail and a white little t on his chest and a little white on h is back toes.  He is smaller than his sisters and has more of a slender build.  Jess is the first one to want to be held and loves to be in a lap.  dog-paw-print-black

All four are very friendly, playful fun pups.  They all bounce too … up on all fours.  It’s the cutest thing.

Here are some photos when we first got them. 
They do love to nurse on their mom – fresh milk is the best according to them!
These photos were taken June 3rd, 2010

jasmine4_june_3_2010Jasmine and her puppies came to us from a local animal shelter.  Jasmine had been adopted out to a  family but no one realized she was dog-paw-print-blackpregnant.   She delivered her pups May 6th and the family was able to care for her and her pups for about a month but then it just got to be too much so they returned her and pups to the shelter.  The shelter called us because the pups were still just four weeks old and way to young to leave mom, or be in the shelter. 

Jasmine is a good mom – but she sure looks a lot different than her pups!  Jasmine is mostly white with some black as well as brindle markings.  The brindle is on her face and is not real easy to see.  And she is small weighing only about 27 pounds.  Her hair is longer and she has a long white sweeping tail.  Jasmine is housetrained, and other than her knack for nabbing any bread sitting on the counter, she is a good little dog.

Here are photos of the pups from June 10th

j_pup_ice_water2_pen_june_20_2010 It’s been so hot and humid with storms rumbling through every few days these past couple weeks that the pups have really had to adjust.  They do well though.  Their puppy pen is in the family room where it’s nice and cool.  But they can’t be there all the time, so they go out in the yard for walks (which is how we lost the one under the large litter box) and they have a large pen out back.  At first we kept them in the small one in the photo but then we moved them to a much larger one.  The pups love ice!  You can see them in this photo  trying to get the ice out.  They love that white pine tree too!  We have to watch them so they don’t chew it.

Here are photos of the pups from June 20th

Puppies, Puppies and more Puppies!

It seems we always have a few litters of puppies, or pregnant dogs in our program.  These are animals that have been left at local animal shelters.  They do not do well at animal shelters and need the care that a home can provide to thrive.  
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Second, we are always open to good foster homes!  If you would like to foster a few puppies, a dog, a couple kittens or a cat by all means contact us!   It’s rewarding, it’s mess, it’s sweet, it’s smelly, it’s absolutely awesome to know that you are doing something right with the world!


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