Sprite Had Fun In The park!

Hi!  It’s me Sprite!  Guess who’s gonna be 4 months old this June 19th?  Yup!  MEEE!!  I hope I get some new toys to celebrate!  My mom says I am getting big and turning into a good boy…she even lets me and my sister Sierra have free reign of the kitchen and dining room now!  We don’t have to be crated!  We both go on the newspapers like we were taught to and that makes her very happy…I bet I do get some toys!

She took me to a park this past weekend too.  There were lots of humans there doing silly things – like climbing this HUGE wall with little bumps on it that went way up into the sky!  I believe they called it rock climbing…I don’t know how that’s considered a rock, though.  The only rocks I’ve seen are the ones I play with in the backyard and they look nothing like that! 

Some of the humans were quite rude too…they would come over while eating hot dogs and other goodies and didn’t even offer me a taste!  Can you believe that?  Is my face not adorable enough? 

My mom and this other lady, I think her name was Sebrina, made me do some modeling at the park too.  Sebrina was laying on the ground trying to get pictures of me as I followed my mom around – I was happy because they didn’t make me wear a leash!  I stayed by mom’s side the whole time like a good boy! 

Oh!  Sebrina was making silly noises at me too!  I think that lady had a bird stuck in her throat!  I didn’t see her chase any birds, though, so I’m not sure how that happened!  Anyway, she scared me a little so I started hiding in between my mom’s legs!  I came back out once I saw that she didn’t have a bird in her throat any more!  She seemed nice enough once the bird was gone! 

Well, I’m going to go take a nap and dream about toys!  Thanks for reading and enjoy my pictures!

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