Green Week-end South Bend, Howard Park June 12th, 2010



PetsConnect! participated in the 2010 South Bend Green Week-end event, Saturday, June 12th, 2010 at Howard Park.

It was an event to celebrate, educate and learn about how to be kinder, gentler to our environment. 

It was a great event!  There were several large long tents full of a variety of other organizations, business, city efforts to dog-paw-print-limemove our community to caring for our environment.
Despite the heat, the humidity and the over looming threat of a storm that never happened, PetsConnect Volunteers and  foster animals alike had a great day.

As an organization, PetsConnect! has strived to ””Be Green”.  It’s not always easy!

For example:
** when buying cat litter: which containers would be bdog-paw-print-limeetter from an environmental point of view?
** for gatherings and events, Styrofoam?   Big NO No.

So, not only are we going to animal shelters to pick up animals, taking animals to the vet, driving animals to and from adoption events (talk about a carbon foot print involved in animal rescue!), green_weekend_alex_june_12_2010picking up _oh, you don’t want to know how much_ animal waste .. PetsConnect volunteers also spend time searching high and low to find eco-friendly cups, plates, silver ware.

*** Alex making a new friend.***
This young woman was with Unity Gardens – a great concept of turning unused city land into gardens for people to have fresh food!  Even the youth we work with in the prison are involved!  In fact, our dogs had to give up green_weekend_et_alex_june_12_2010some of their yard space for the Unity Garden’s at the prison.  But what a great cause.  The food the inmates raise will go to a local food bank  to be distributed to  those in need.  You can read more about our prison program here.

We were able to Go Green at this event by removing the crate bottoms from the crates!  That meant no laundry for soiled bedding from the bottom of the crates and the dogs and even Alex the cat loved the idea.

*** Alex and E.T.: Best Buddies***


dog-paw-print-redVolunteers arrived at 9:30am to set up and were there until 3pm for the event.  We were by the stage and enjoyed the live music!  There was also some food for sale, and there was wine testing and all kinds of neat



Raven’s litter of puppies made their debut!  There are seven total and they had a great time.  This little one and her daddy are enjoying playing with one of the puppies.  She loves the puppies even though the puppies had those sharp little teeth and few, if any, manners!  The puppies have lots to learn yet.

Here is one of the puppies enjoying a nice nap in volunteer arms:


Two of the pups are brindle, one if black with brindle and the rest are black and white.   They are just six weeks of age. Click here for earlier post.  They have recently weaned from their mom – making mom happy but they do whine a bit about this new game plan!  And the pups are now in a new foster home – away from mom.  It will be awhile before the pups are ready for adoption. 

Here are some more photos of just Raven’s pups!

Foster animals – available for adoption -  were so well behaved!
green_weekend_drake_june_12_2010Drake enjoyed meeting and greeting new people, as did Pal.  green_weekend_cira_june_12_2010
The pups romped in their puppy pen.
Cira had her own little puppy pen all to herself.  She barked at the big dogs but then rolled over on her belly or danced on her hind legs for attention whenever people came by!
Sargeant, now Szubo, spent him time laying in the shade keeping a close eye on his foster mom lest she stray.  
Pal, a pup we adopted out in February but green_weekend_pal_sargeant_june_12_2010was returned a week ago also made his first appearance sporting a new hair-do!  He did a great job.  He is such a nice little guy.
Here Pal and Sergeant Szubo are checking each other out. green_weekend_sprite_june_12_2010

and here is Sprite – the last of the Soda Pups available for adoption.  Is he not a handsome fellow?   Click here for recent earlier posts of Sprite and his littermates. There are actually several blog posts of Sprite and his littermates!  His foster mom is really good about providing lots of information and photos.  Early puppy photos: a bit older: older and bigger yet:

Poodah was adopted .. his new mom came from Chicago land to adopt him.  She is lucky, he is one really nice dog!  And Iris went for a home visit with a family with lots of children who have been looking for ‘just the right dog’.

The Kittens were quite the Attraction!


There are six kittens in this litter and they are just 8 or 9 weeks of age.  dog-paw-print-red This was their very first outing too and wow, what an active group of kittens these are!  All day, and I mean ALL DAY, they wowed the crowds with their cage climbing, hanging upside down, anything to get that feather antics. 

Yet, for as crazy wild they were playing in the cage .. when held, they became sweet little pussy cats!  They were all held, fondled, cuddled and loved every moment of it. 

We asked the foster mom, “Do you think they will be tired tonight?”
She replied, “I sure hope so!”

Once ready for adoption, these kittens will make awesome family pets!  They will be spayed/neutered and micro chipped prior to adoption.

Click here for more photos of Kitten Antics:


green_weekend_vounteers2_june_12_2010 Volunteers had a good time too!

This is one of those fun events that we get to come and work dog-paw-print-bluesome, chat some, hang out some, enjoy the festivities some and be outside the entire time! 

As an organization, we really do enjoy these types of events. 

The pressure is off – no on site adoptions, no decisions needing to be made.  We just talk to people and if they want, they can fill out an application.  green_weekend23_june_12_2010

We get to spend time talking with one another too – we are  usually so busy with caring for animals, fundraising (we do a whole lot of that!) and at adoption events we tend to be swamped.

green_weekend_vo,_rock_climbing3_june_12_2010Some of us enjoyed holding the puppies, walking the dogs, and even engaging in some of the other fun activities too!

Check out the climbing wall … one of our younger volunteers was very attracted to climbing up to the top .. and this was offered for free too!

We brought lots of ice and water, and drinks.  One of the volunteers even bought a pizza to share with the rest of us – how sweet was that!

It’s also a great time to do ‘foster swaps”.  Raven’s puppies went to their new foster home.  And it’s a great time to get some extra photos of our foster animals for the website too!

All in all, it was  a great time and we hope to be back for next year too!

Click here for photos in general”:

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