The “P” Kittens


 Paige and Perdy
Piper and Porter


A sweet, active, friendly, great with everything liter of kittens!

Estimated date of birth is March 21st, 2010.

This is Paige – she is a torti female kitten .. very active.  You can see her in the video below.

All five were left in a night drop box at a local shelter the first of May. Shelter employees just fell for these kittens and hoped they would be adopted but as spring turned to early summer the cats and kittens kept coming and space was becoming scarce.  They really   perdy6_june_3_2010wanted us to take these kittens into our program.  We did – obviously.

This is Perdy – she is a torti female kitten .. check out the pretty orange tabby markings.

Paige and Perdy look sort of alike because they are both torti’s.  Paige is darker with brighter orange, Perdy is a softer dark with lighter orange coloring.  Both are really sweet.  They are also both pirate_shoe_june_3_2010 on the small side.

This is Pirate – an orange classic tabby.  You can see him in the video below.

Pirate started the entire P named theme.  He just looked like a pirate to me!  He is really cute .. all orange with big circles on his side, a wide head and big ears.

The kittens came to us with a severe case of ear mites.  It was awful.  The first time I cleaned out their little ears gobs of black crud didn’t just fall out, it flew out.  Thankfully we have stuff to kill those buggers!   They are so porter_june_3_2010 good about getting their ears cleaned – now twice a week ears cleaned and medicine in.  They are pretty much clean now.

This is Porter – a handsome, he is a boy, tuxedo. 

Porter and Piper look alot alike. The are both black and white Tuxedo’s .  They weigh more then the other three and they are bigger.  I really think they are about two or three weeks older and were just “added” to the other three kittens.  Porter and Piper are both a bit more, let’s watch and make sure all is safe before they pounce on  things.  But once piper3_june_3_2010out they are really sweet kittens.  They enjoy being held.

This is Piper – she is a tuxedo female kitten.


What is neat looking about her is her star between her eyes.  And look at those pretty white whiskers?

She really is lovely.

As of June 2nd, she and Piper were close to three pounds meaning they are probably close to three months of age.  The other three three are closer to two pounds each.


Kittens at Play

The kittens will be available for adoption in another week or two.  They are scheduled to be spayed/neutered.

Two kittens are always better than one!  We do give discounts for adopting two!

Here are some more photos:

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