Male, neutered
Blue and white, 15 pounds!

Born September 2004

Great with cats, dogs and loves people

A great big Blue and White cat with extraordinary looks to go with a terrific personality!  This cat has had quite a history with us.  He first came to us in January of 2005 as a young kitten strapper.  Lively and cute as all get out, he was quickly adopted.  All was well for a couple years but then in 2008 he was dumped at a local shelter.  We do not know why .. no reason was given.  We were keeper_june_1_2010happy to take him back .. he is such a nice cat.  Back then we was a mere 13 pounds!

And so his story continues:  It was not long before he was adopted again.  And again, all was going well until his family became pregnant and worried that he would hurt the baby.  They got rid of not just Keeper but their other cats too.  I mean seriously, do cats really suck the breath out of babies?  Never mind, don’t answer that.

Keeper may have been badly named.  I named him Keeper because he is so darn nice and so grand looking.  He has these extraordinary markings on his nose giving him a distinctive look.  I surely didn’t name him Keeper to keep coming back to us!  So, keeper2_june_1_2010please, next adopters .. this is a KEEPER!!!!

Keeper takes this all in stride.  He does not like cat carriers much  at all and he does not want to go outside.  He basically likes to hang in the family room and rub on us and beg for attention.  He has a real live and let live personality too.

This is such a nice cat.

Keeper has good littebox habits and is good health. Our vet checked him out and Keeper even has a three year rabies shot!  HIs next shot is not due till 2013.


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