Marcel and Maurice June 2010


Maurice and Marcel
At 12 weeks of age!

Here they are with their poodle cuts – with thanks to PetsConnect! Volunteer Kat.  Are these not just the cutest puppies?

Marcel is the one in the photo here. 
He is darker, well, relative to his brother.  He is an apricot and white. 
His brother Maurice is a light buff and white.

Maurice LOVES to have his belly rubbed.  His foster dad discovered early on that to calm maurice_poodle_pups_june_1_2010smdown Maurice all he had to do was rub his belly.  Maurice will lay like this for up to 30 minutes!

Marcel likes his belly rubbed too, but not to the same extent as his brother.
The pups are playful and fun to watch.

They have no fear of dogs or cats and life is nothing but poodle_pups3_june_1_2010pure joy for them.

Here are the two brothers together.  In this photo you can see the color difference, but it really is slight.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.  Their mom is Fabian.  She is a purebred 9 pound apricot poodle.  She has led her foster parents on quite a new adventure!  Read more about her story here .. it’s worth the read.

Kat who groomed them thinks maybe their dad is a Llaso Apso.  We don’t know.  Mom came to us, and we didn’t know this either, pregnant.  She delivered these babies on ryon_pup2_june_1_2010the living room couch!

Here their foster dad holds one of the pups – I think this is the buff one.  The pups follow him all around!  When he goes to work the pups are in the kitchen with their mom.    He takes them outside and they stay on the patio except one of the pups has figured out if he jumps into a big leafy bush then he is – yea – out in the yard!

His foster dad is on it though and putting up railings.

It’s been fun to watch the pups grow up .. not knowing for sure what they would look like.  Here are some photos from May 5th.

Here are some more photos:

Interested in adopting one of these puppies?

We have had a lot of applications and we are processing them.  We also had to wait till the puppies were completely ready for adoption.  They have now had two sets of shots, been micro chipped and neutered.  They are also close to 12 weeks of age.  So, they are ready!

Plans are to have them at the June 5th adoption event for pre-approved applicants.

Adoption Process:

The first step is to fill out an adoption application (email us at to request one).

The adoption fee is $350 per pup.

Want to Volunteer?  Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

Donate a Kuranda Bed!  Learn more now!  Our dogs love Kuranda Beds!

Poodle Pups

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