Polly, Dolly and Rusty Too!


This trio is simply delightful!


Polly and Dolly


Doxie mixes
Date of Birth: March 8th, 2010
Weight at eight weeks is two pounds per pup

Active, lots of energy, get under our feet when we walk, super small, wiggly, like to climb all over us, like to give den_doxie_pup_trio_may_19_2010smdgraphics25L us kisses .. and cuddle when they finally settle down!These three were left in a box at a local shelter.  That is all we know about them.  They were not at the shelter long as we were called and asked if we would come get them.  The pups show signs of hair loss which could be the non-contagious mange: Demodex, or it could be from stress.  Our vet gave them an antibiotic shot and the pups are on rusty2_may_22_2010Revolution (every two weeks).  They are already starting to look a lot better!

This is Rusty.  Rusty is the male, all red thus Rusty!  He actually came with his name and it fit so well we kept it.  Rusty looks a lot bigger than his sisters but he is only a couple ounces bigger.  He is sturdy and has a long body.  Rusty came to us a bit timid.  Being at the shelter was super scary for him.  But he has come around nicely.dolly_may_22_2010



Dolly and Polly

  Dolly and Polly are the females.  Both are black with brown.  Check out that long skinny tail .. how cute is that?
Dolly is darker and smaller.  Her black is dark and her brown is dark.  Polly is a bit paler.  Dolly is the smallest and she looks frail she is so small.  But again, there are only a couple ounces difference between the three.

triodoxie_pup_trio_may_19_2010sm2The Terrific Trio

Here is a cute photo of all three ‘trapped” between Den’s legs.  It was so hard to get a photo of the three of them .. or just of one of them.  These little ones move licketdy split fast!  This pose lasted all of about 10 seconds and they had wiggled out and were zoominggggg off!

It’s hard to walk far with them because they love to be underfoot.  And when inside they have to be watched .. they even fit under our stove!


Another photo of Rusty – isn’t he a handsome boy?


And a photo of Rusty and Polly.  If you look under the chin at their neck or on the top of the head you can see where the hair has thinned a bit.

It will be awhile before the puppies are ready for adoption.  We have to make sure their skin clears up, and once healthy and some weight they need to be spayed and neutered.   If you are interested though, you can be a foster parent!rusty_dolly_may_22_2010

And the pups can nibble on your toes! OUCH!

That would be Little Dolly trying to eat my toes!

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Fostering is fun.  The pups spend a lot of time in a puppy pen.  They have to so they don’t get hurt.  Then we let them out and they climb all over us!  And we let them run around in the dining area or den2doxie_pup_trio_may_19_2010smthe family room.  These three are an absolute riot!  They chase dust balls and cat tails, they are so brave!  They will try to do anything .. even if it means trying to climb up on a couch so high that they can’t see .. and they can’t do it either .. but they will try.

Not sure how big they will or will not get.  I’d think they will be doxie size when all is said and done.

The pups are part of our prison program: Daylight.

When we take them we are in the greeting room that has pop and food machines.  The inmates number one job is to keep the pups out from under the machines!

The youth enjoy the pups and seem amazed at how small, yet tenacious, they are.

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