Sidney: A Talkative Pooch

Sidney is now around a year old.  He is still nothing but a ball of energy!  He absolutely loves playing rough with his foster sister Nutmeg.  They do things that would make me scream in pain! 

Sid is a talkative thing.  Not barking talkative, but rather whining, howling, etc.  He is quite talented vocally and could be taught to make sounds resembling words.  He loves being talked to and he will talk back to you so you seem less crazy! 

Sid loves to play fetch.  Well, sort of fetch.  He likes to go get the ball when you throw it and then will bring ALMOST all the way back to you and then play keep away.  He’ll keep that ball in his mouth with a smile on his face…then he’ll set it down and talk to you, daring you to come get it…as soon as you step in his direction, he’ll scoop the ball up again and wag his tail!  He’s a fun loving guy!

Sid LOVES being petted.  If someone is sitting outside in the backyard with the dogs, he will come over and talk to you, asking you to pet him.  If you don’t comply, he will talk louder and louder and louder until you give him some lovin’! 

He also loves going for walks.  When the front door is open, he’s over there staring out waiting for his chance to go some where.  He also did some agility runs at the PetsConnect! Mutt-er’s Day event and did quite well.  This came as no surprise to me as he likes to jump into my tree and balance himself where the tree trunk splits off into a Y (this is about 3 ft off the ground and a pretty tight space to jump in to).  One of these days I am bound to have my camera on me while he’s standing in the tree!

These pictures aren’t the best because he hardly ever is holding still when he’s in the backyard – there are just too many puppies and dogs to play with to sit still for photos!

If you’d like to meet Sidney and have a conversation with him, he will be out at the Mishawaka PetSmart Saturday May 22nd from 12-3pm!

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