Schultzy on Agility


This past Sunday, May 16th, we had some fun with Schultzy on some of the equipment for agility.  Here he is on the Teeter.  The teeter can be scary for some dogs because once they hit that point past the center the teeter starts to decline.   Schultzy is so food motivated he probably barely noticed!

libby_agility_fun_may_16_2010The hardest thing with Schultzy was his attention span – or rather, “What attention span!”  He just checks out everything around him.

My dog Libby was not much help!
The minute I turned to take a photo she would be approaching me, which in turn would distract our guy Schultzy.  But he so loves treats that it’s easy to get his schultzy5_agility_fun_may_16_2010attention back to the task on hand. 

  The Dog Walk:  here he is walking the walk.  This walk is a bit shorter than UKC or AKC standards but we want to be safe and Schultzy is not trained.  We use the agility equipment to build confidence, encourage attention span and to basically spend some enjoyable time with our foster dogs.    This walk is two feet from the ground.

And here is Sidney (also available for adoption) – another sidney_may_16_2010distraction but this time a really big distraction!  This gal loves to come outside and check out the equipment when the dogs are on it.  She is fascinated by the course.  But then just before that she has usually rolled and rolled in the catnip growing wild at the edges of our property.


And here is Schultzy simply standing.  Is he not stunning to look at?  I thought he was a purebred German Shorthair pointer but he is a mix .. yet, a good looking one.  You can read more about him by clicking here!

He is one of those dogs that can be greatly underestimated but this would be a foolish thing to do, because with a person who can train and work with a dog, this guy has a ton of potential.  He has a lot of energy and personality to go with it!


OK – this is clearly Schultzy’s most favorite part of doing agility!tire_agility

That is a two seated chair we won at an agility match .. a side by side for owner and dog.  Pretty clever.

And that is Dennis who was working with Schultzy.

And that is Schultzy’s tongue in his mouth even though it looks like a ball.  He doesn’t easily retrieve – he will but it takes some effort on our part to get him to go get it and bring it back!

To adopt Schultzy: fill out an application, send it to us preferably via email and a volunteer will be in touch. 

For more photos:

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