Charlie Brown-has been adopted

Hi, I’m Charlie Brown (Charlie, or sometimes, Chuck for short).  I’m a five month old, black and tan tabby kitten.  If you can imagine Charlie Brown from the cartoon manifested in a kitten….that’s me.

I LOVE to sit on laps!  I’m really hoping to go home with someone who wants to snuggle!  I’m exceedingly friendly and I’m usually the first on a lap and the last off.

I tend to do silly things and my foster family thinks I’m hilarious to watch.  I’m not always the most coordinated, but I keep trying and eventually I figure it out.

I have immaculate litter box habits….I’ll even cover up my fellow felines’ “mess” if they don’t finish the job.  I do prefer a nice clean litter box, so if you work with me, we’ll be the house where people say, “wow, I didn’t even know you had a cat!”

Well, that’s not entirely true…they’ll know you have a cat, because I’ll have come right out to say hello the minute they walked in the door. :)   I’m not shy at all and I’m EXTREMELY tolerant.  I’m not phased by kids, dogs, cats or even the vacuum cleaner!

I’m neutered, microchipped, up to date on shots and receiving Revolution monthly for flea and heartworm prevention.  Just hanging out at my foster home, hoping someone will know that I’m the purrfect lap kitty for them!!  If you will pet me, I’ll reward you by running my loud purr “motor.”

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