18 Month Old Male
DOB: November 3, 2008
Neutered, up to date on shots
Heartworm tested negative

Micro chipped

Drake is a great all around dog!  Low maintenance, easy to care for, plays well with others, rests nicely at my beaufort4_dec_29_2008feet when I’m working on this computer, walks nice on the leash with minimal pulling.   He was a little fearful at first, but as he has gotten to know the others he has settled right in.  He was really afraid of the puppies: they would jump up at him and he would jump up to get away from them and look at me as if to say: “What are these?”  But now he even plays with them a little bit.

He is a low energy dog meaning he is not hyper at all.  He has not exhibited any fetching tendencies and  seems more spitz than lab which is strange because as a puppy he looked like a purebred lab pup! He was an adorable puppy!  He and his littermates came to us from

Here are some more photos  taken December 2008 and January 2009 when he was a puppy:


Drake was adopted out when he was just about three months of age.  For reasons we do not know, he ended up being picked up by a local animal shelter.  The people who adopted him as a puppy had given him away.  As it turns out he had been wandering from home to home in this subdivision before being picked up.  Poor guy.

I know I’m glad animal control picked him up.  He could have been hit by a car and seriously injured.  I’d hate to think that a puppy I spent so much time and energy on, adopted out thinking it would be cared for, only to learn he has been thrown out to fend for himself.  Now, he is back safe and sound.  And hopefully we will do a better job adopting him out the next time around!  We need a family that will be devoted to his well being, care for him, and enjoy his company. drake2_march_31_2010

Check out that stance!


He has a great curly tail, muscular legs, tipped ears and soulful eyes.  He looks funny when he runs.

So gentle that he will lay on the ground and play with Dapper Dan. 

Drake does fine in the fenced area and he is ok on a tie out.  However, he does  not like to stay out on a tie out: once he has done his business he is ready to come back inside.  He enjoys being around people and would do well in a home where people are around more often.

Here are some photos of him taken April 2010″:


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