Mature Peke with Soulful Brown Eyes Seeks Family of her Own


  • Long(ish) walks around the neighborhood
  • Cuddling and kisses on the nose
  • Chicken
  • Human Beds
  • Lounging in the sun
  • My foster sister’s crate
  • Squeaky toys
  • People – other small dogs are okay too
  • Thinking I’m in charge
  • More cuddling and kisses on the nose


  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Baby gates or barriers – unless they are very secure I will find a way through them to get to you.
  • The bunnies that taunt me from the other side of the fence
  • Strangers in my home – I really want to be protective of my people and need assurance that they are in charge.
  • Having to share my chicken with my wussy foster sister and the dumb cats.

Carmela Lucy is approximately 5 years old and she had been through quite an ordeal – you can read all about the Petsconnect Pekes on the blog.  She weighs about 10 pounds.  Lucy is housebroken – she is fine alone all during the work day even though when you are home she will ask to go out all the time – she really likes just hanging out in the yard and barking at the bunny family that hops around just past her fence.  While Lucy will respect the gates during the day – if you are home she will find a way to get through them to be close to you.  You wouldn’t think it but we have seen her jump OVER a guitar case just to follow her person down the hall.  And she loves to sleep in your bed – this is much preferred over her crate.

Lucy is tolerant of our small dog but so far has ignored her repeated attempts at play.  Though both have their daily dose of “run crazily around the house” – Lucy punctuates hers by jumping into the lap of the closest human and kissing them frantically before tearing off again.  She has really started to play with toys and she loves to have her belly rubbed.  Lucy went through her spay several weeks ago and has recovered well though she struggled some after surgery and her future family should be aware that anesthesia/surgery might be difficult for her.

Lucy ignores the cats mostly – every once in a while she will give one of them a quick chase around the room.  She does bark when you get home, when someone new comes into the house or when an interloper comes too close to her fence.  She knows “come” and “sit” but unless you are holding some chicken about half the time she will respond when she feels like it instead of when you asked.  She will need someone to clearly be the leader in the home or she will think she needs to fill those shoes.

Lucy would be fine as the only dog in the house though she does tolerate small dogs and cats – she does not appear to care much for big dogs.  She would prefer an adult home though she would be okay with older, small dog savvy children.   Her biggest motivator is simply being cuddled up with her person – she would take a warm spot on the couch over any treats you could offer her.  She could be a great office dog for someone who she felt was safely in charge.

As you can see from her picture, if you don’t give her a comfortable place to sleep she will find one.

Lucy is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs I have met.  She has been through a lot and is very much ready to go home….

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