Splish, Splash they were taking a bath

Why oh why does our Foster Mom insist we have to take a bath. Oh a big day is coming up. We are going to someplace special she says. OK so a bath it is.

We can’t make it look like we want to take a bath so we all take off. Mom chases all of us until she catches us.  Parker is too quick for her and off he goes again. Around and around the table until finally he says ok I give up.

In the tub we go. Abbey doesn’t like the water at first but oh wow Mom grabbed the toys again. Does she really think we like to play with those?  Ok we do but shh don’t tell. Mariah comes in with the goodies for our bath We get to splash all over her she doesn’t mind.

Abbey gets cleaned up first. She gets cold easily so Mom washes her quick. Abbey loves having her ears and her tail washed most.

Fostering 057 Fostering 062

Mom gets Abbey all done then it’s my turn. I love my bath!!  Parker just stands there. He doesn’t like to play in the water like me. I love when Mom rubs my back and my tummy. The water feels so good.

Fostering 065 Abbey                       Fostering 066

Fostering 068 Fostering 072

Fostering 074 Fostering 070

Once we are all cleaned up Mom rinses us off and wraps us up in big fluffy things that warms us up. Dad always helps get us dry and brushes us. Mom knows we are just gonna go outside and roll around in the grass but at least we had a fun time!!

Fostering 080 And then came Jackson’s turn. Ha ha ha. It takes Mom and Dad to get him in the tub. He makes a big mess when he is in the tub. And when he comes out he runs all over the place and shakes and stuff. He’s pretty funny. Well we are all ready now for our big special day. Hope we have as much fun as we do at bath time.

Jackson               Fostering 086

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  1. Marlaina says:

    awww…poor things look pathetic! :)

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