pkroseline Hard to believe that this handsome guy ended up in one of our local animal shelters!  But he did.  And no one came in to claim him.  The day he was scheduled to move to adoption he decided to get sick.  He had a mild Upper Respiratory Infection meaning his temperature was a little high and he coughed up some phlegm.  The shelter called us and asked if we could take him .. we did. Our vet put him on some drugs and within days Deuce was doing great!

Yesterday he went The Grooming Shop in Edwardsburg.  They did a great job!   Here he is on his way home.  He was enjoying looking out the window on his way home.  See his cute bandana?  It has a St. Patrick’s look to it.  He was all spiffy.  The groomer says he is a duece7_march_24_2010poodle: he has the body structure of a poodle and he has the hair of a poodle.  She doesn’t even think he is a mix.  He will not shed which is nice, but on the other hand he will duece10_march_24_2010smneed to be groomed every 6 weeks.

Here is Deuce showing off his new hair cut.  He is standing between two cement swans. 

Deuce is housetrained and crate trained.
He is up to date on his shots, has his rabies shot and tested negative for Heartworms.  He goes in tomorrow to be neutered.
Deuce is great with other dogs, cats and has nice house manners.duece4_march_24_2010

  He is part of our Daylight program and will go to the prison today!    He should duece3_march_24_2010be a big hit.
Deuce is an easy dog.  I do not know how he would do with younger children or left alone for long periods of time. He does really like to be with other dogs so a buddy might be nice. 

He rides nice in the car. 

Here are some more photos:


Here are photos taken of him pre-grooming:

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