Preston is one good looking cat!
He is a deep brown tabby with light brown markings, gigantic lime green eyes and large paws.

He is also a nice cat: friendly, laid back and plays well with others.  Preston was an owner surrender to a local shelter.  It was not Preston’s fault, the reason was that his owner could not afford him. 

Preston is just two years old.  He is a smaller cat and a bit underweight but that will change … he will fatten up quickly now that he is on some good food!preston2_march_22_2010sm
He is not neutered as I write this, but he will be in a couple days so that will be done.  By time he is adopted he will be neutered, up to date on his shots, micro chipped, wormed, on Revolution monthly and tested for Feline Leukemia.  All that and his adoption fee is only $125.  Now that is a deal!

Preston really likes those red lights … he will chase and chase one even making circles to get that red laser light!
preston_march_22_2010He has personality plus .. he connects with people and is a purring machine.  He does like to talk at times and seems to have a lot to say.

Right now he is a bit ‘ragged around the edges’ as they say .. he needs more brushing, more good food and good living!  He really is a handsome cat!  And he will make someone very happy.

Here are some more photos:


Making a Difference

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All the animals are in foster homes and well cared for, we pay our bills, make our thank yous and our volunteers work very hard to run PetsConnect! as a professional, caring, friendly business! 
The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

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