Peachy Keen



Peachy is one crazy cat!
She can be seen everywhere … walking along the window sill, chasing toys across the floor, jumping with ease from chair to pool table to couch .. Repeat!

Dogs? No Problem.  She loves to tease the puppies.  She will steal their toys out of their pen and then sit on the outside – with their toy between her feet – and just watch them bark at her.  Big dogs … she gives them some berth and if they bark at her she will find something else to do.

Cats?  Just fellow playmates.

Peachy came to us with a pretty looking liter of kittens but they all died from Distemper.  Don’t believe in getting shots for your cat? You just might want to re-think that.  Feline Distemper is the same disease as parvo in dogs –  outside of the fact that it has a fascinating history of transformation it is one nasty, deadly disease!  Getting cats and kittens their shots protects felines from distemper.  So, all her kittens died within days.  It was peachy_keen5_nov_26_2009really sad and I was so surprised when Peachy lived!

Crazy Cat Peaches is gorgeous!

check out that deep orange with lighter orange markings.

She has circles and stripes and a couple circles.

And she has beautiful amber eyes too.

And she has white markings .. her white is really white – well, most of the time.  She tends to get rather dirty.

She hates the camera as much as she loves to seek and destroy rolls of paper towels! peachy_keen2_nov_26_2009

She has learned to open two of our cabinets just so she can pull out the roll of paper towel and SHRED it!  She loves to roll it all over, attack it, carry it around.  She is a nut case when it comes to paper towels.

I now have to keep the paper towels in a drawer – and she will watch me to see if I remember to shut the drawer.

This cat has personality plus!  She is active, playful, friendly and a mouser.  She is not much of a cat to carry around but peachy_keen4_nov_26_2009 she is ok if you insist once in awhile.

She thinks she wants to go outside and has gone out into our garage but then whines like crazy to get back inside!

I do not have curtains but I suspect she would go up them or scratch on them.  She would need to be trained to stay away from them. 

Why is she not adopted?  Peachy does not do well at adoption events.  Every time I try to leave her at one of the PetSmart cat adoption centers she gets snotty… bring her home and in 24 hours she is all cleared up… no snot.  We think it’s a stress thing.  Or maybe too close to her litter box?  The cages are small so maybe when she scratches in her litter box the dust effects her eyes.

Or maybe it is just her way of plotting to stay here and keep on eye on those wicked paper towel rolls that are begging to be shredded!

If you are looking for a fun cat, and you have a sense of  humor .. this girl may be the one for you!

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