Sidney and Marshall

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This photo was taken back when they were still in their home.  They enjoyed spending time watching out the sliding glass door, cuddling with their mistress and playing with lots of toys.  But the economy brought a an abrupt end to those days.  These two boys are now in rescue looking for a new home. 
Marshall is the smaller gray cat.  Marshall first came to our program with his mom and his siblings as a tiny kitten.  His mom is an Ocicat mix and so attractive that she went to the cat show and got adopted by a cat fancier!seven_kittens_jan_26_2008

Here he is in a photo taken last Spring with his siblings.  They were quite the handsome gray_tabby2_white_feb_20_2009smlitter. 

And here is about 10 weeks old or so.  One of his siblings is featured in our 2010 PetsConnect calendar .. he is the brown and white tabby on the piano.  I’m telling you .. this was one good looking bunch of kittens.

So, as a kitten, this little guy was called Bugsy.  He was adopted and his new owner renamed him Marshall. 


Here is a new photo of Marshall.  He is now in his foster home and is still settling in so the photos are not all that great … you can see he is unsure of what is going on.  But he is still a very handsome cat!


He has dark gray stripes that weave about in an interesting pattern on a soft gray.  He has white tipped feet, white on his nose and then just a touch of tan here and there.  One tan spot makes him look like he has a smudge of dirt on the side of his nose.  Think of it as distinctive!


And then there is Sidney.  This guy didn’t come from our program, but we felt compelled to take him too.  He is Marshall’s buddy. 
Sidney is very outgoing .. he has flair, he could be a model strutting down the runway showing off the newest clothing.  And he doesn’t hold back when he wants his space .. let’s other cats know to stay away from his cage! 
Marshall and Sidney share a large double cage and then several times a week they are allowed to run around our spare bedroom.  They haven’t been able to do this last week because I’m Love bird sitting Amor and Cherish – but they go home today or tomorrow so the boys can have their afternoon romps back.  They like to sit in front sticks_197of the window so I set up a table right by the window for them.

This photo was taken when they were back in their home together .. you can see how relaxed Marshall is when he was in his home.  And you can see his gorgeous stripes.

Marshall – the gray one – is a year old, male, neutered, up to date on his shots, a bit on the timid side.  Marshall was raised as a kitten with several large dogs so he should, in theory, do well with them.

Sidney – the black and white – is six years old, male, neutered, front foot declawed and very outgoing but may not do well with dogs.
Bear in mind, they are up to date on their shots, micro chipped, neutered, on Revolution once a month, wormed and Sidney is front foot declawed.

The adoption fee for either cat is $125, but if you adopt the pair, $200.00.

Here are more photos of Marshall:

Here are more photos of Sidney:

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