Sunny Meadow and Willow Blossom


Here are Sunny and Willow sitting on the china cabinet.  They are watching their foster mom twirl a string in the air.

These two enjoy each others company.

They are in a home with other cats and sometimes they play with the other cats and sometimes they are be a tad offish.

Remember Smudge?  A few years ago (and still today) he was our miracle kitten. At just three pounds our vet, Dr. Hatch discovered that all his body organs had moved through a tiny hole in his diaphragm.  Death was imminent.  But Dr. Hatch performed this amazing surgery, pulled his organs back through the hole, sewed it up and viola… he sunny_meadow_smudge_march_13-2010lives!  Now, it also helped that his liver lobes had not progressed through the hole .. only part of one had, thank goodness for that.   Smudge is the white with black cat , his foster mom fell in love with him even before we realized his problem, eventually she adopted him and he is spoiled quite rotten!


Here you can see her markings better.  Her tail is lovely.

See that yellow piece of furniture?  That is their couch.  What you don’t know is that on the other side of that couch, on the cushions  Fabian surprised her foster mom and dad by having puppies!  You can read more about that by clicking here!willow_blossom9_march_13-2010

The cats were a bit curious but mostly wrote it off as ‘dog thing’.  

And Fabian let the cats know that they were most unwelcome to partake of her adventure!

willow_blossom_rosie_march_13-2010Here is Willow. 

Willow truly is lovely.  Her markings and coloring is exquisite.

Here is Willow in the kitchen with Rosie.  Rosie is a large, getting up there in years dog.  She doesn’t move much and she takes great delight in ‘protecting’ her food from the cats while the cats have a lot of fun ‘stealing’ her food out from under her nose!

Here are more photos.

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