Chase, affectionately known as Jock, is a three and a half month old collie mix puppy.  We are guessing on the collie – he does have a longer nose and his eyes are collie like .. sort of.  He has fuzzy hair that shows promise to be long when he is an adult and he has those cute tipped ears.
You adopt him and you can call him whatever breed mix you like!  No matter what breed mix he is, he is a cutie.

Chase came to us with patches of Ringworm Fungus.  I have no idea why they call it ring ‘worm’ because it is NOT a worm .. it’s a fungus.  Like athlete’s foot.   jock6_march_16_2010 Ringworm fungus likes body systems that are under stress or/and not healthy.  So, having ringworm fungus in a shelter is not a good thing because it spreads:  we can get it too.   It is certainly a lot easier for us to deal with it in our homes than for the shelter to deal with it.  Ringworm is similar to athlete’s foot so we use Malaseb Soap for soaking bathes and Lamsil applied directly to the skin.  Chase’s is almost gone.

(Malaseb soap costs $180.00 a gallon!  Maybe you would like to make a donation towards another gallon?)

jock2_march_16_2010   So, why do we affectionately call him Jock?  The volunteer fostering him went to the drug store to get the cream she needed to apply to the fungus spots on his back.  She picked up the tube, took it to the counter only to find that the price was not on the tube.  The cashier, a woman in her mid-70’s, announced over the loud speaker: “Price Check on Jock Itch!”    We all got a good laugh out of that one and Chase became Jock!

Fostering has it’s moments!

Jock loves to play with other puppies his size!  He enjoys Chutney and Poodah and even Baldwin the beagle pup.

Jock knows sit, is really good about coming when called and stays with us when we go for walks.  He is a good natured puppy with a lot of potential.  I saw him at the shelter when he first came in and was a fourth of his current size – he is getting better looking as he grows.  It would also appear that he will be a larger dog – most likely in the 50 pound range.  He loves toys and rawhides and the Kuranda beds.

He is neutered, up to date on his shots, on Front line plus and his ringworm is pretty much gone!

Here are some more photos:

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  1. Marlaina says:

    I love it!!! “Price check Jock Itch! Need a price check on Jock Itch!” AMAZING! :)

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