It’s a Lab ** and it Fetches **
and yes, that is a ball in her mouth! 

Meet Michelle, a Labrador Retriever, who true to her breed, can be quite the fetching machine.  She is not bad at seeking out her ball either for she will look for it for quite awhile and if she gets distracted, we remind her to find her ball and she will return to the hunt.
Michelle is a 10 month old female.  She is all black, all lab, all puppy.  She has manners to learn: such as we do not like her jumping on us, and how to behave better in the house… but she is a quick study and is doing very well with her lessons.

Michelle would be great for a family with adolescents who michelle8_march_15_2010love to be outside throwing a ball, a stick, running and playing with Michelle.  AND adolescents who would enjoy participating in a dog obedience class or perhaps   4-H dog training.  Michelle has the potential to bring home the ribbons. This is a dog for the energetic young adults  !She is too rambunctious for the small fries … she will knock them over without even realizing it. 
  A fenced in yard, an area to fetch, a dog obedience class, a dog crate and someone with energy and patience .. this could be the absolute perfect dog!

Temperament wise she is great … has that love everyone lab quality.

Michelle does fine with other dogs, with cats and people too.
She appears to be housetrained but we are not entirely sure.
She is spayed, up to date on her shots, micro chipped, on Front Line plus and Interceptor.

Here are some more photos of Michelle:

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