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That is what Fabian’s foster parents certainly were when they came home from work last Saturday, March 13th to hear what they thought might be a kitten stuck in between the couch cushions.
It was tiny, it was black, it was gooey and wet and obviously had just been born.

A closer look revealed a tiny puppy.fabian_newborn_pups6_march_13_2010  

That little black puppy was the first of three puppies to be delivered.  Since their dog is 14 years old and long ago spayed, it had to be the only other dog in the house, Fabian the tiny poodle.

At first, they could not find Fabian.  It was confusing, a newborn puppy on the couch and the mom no where to be seen.  Would she take care of it?  What were they do with the pup?
fabian_newborn_pups8_march_13_2010 They called us and asked us what to do.  After laughing, I mean, it was funny, we headed their way.  We had just gotten home from a long day at an adoption event and we were tired and hungry so we stopped for a bite to eat on our way to Fabian’s foster home.  We stopped at the store and bought some puppy milk and bottles – just in case, and called another foster to see if she could take the pups if Fabian would not care for them.  But we should have worried for Fabian is a great little mom.

By time we got to the house, all three pups had entered the world.  Fabian fabian_newborn_pups14_march_13_2010was in a basket on the couch with an orange blanket.  

There is an apricot, a white and the little black:  they appear to have poodle like hair.  And all three are boys if I remember correctly.

Fabian loves to be wherever her foster mom and dad are.  She sits in the bathroom while they shower, sits at the foot of their chairs while they eat and sleeps in be with them at night.  She likes to curl up at the bottom of the bed by their fabian_newborn_pups9_march_13_2010legs.  She and their dog fight over who get’s to be on the couch and Fabian is great with the cats.

How would this all work out with the pups?

Would she insist on sleeping in bed with the pups?

That would be most interesting!

Well, it all worked out fine.  Fabian’s mothering instincts fabian_march_13_2010kicked right in and she has become super duper, touch my babies and you are dead meat mom!  Of course, the kittens ignore her growling .. but hey, they are bigger than her anyway. 

We set up a small dog crate with blankets and covered it up and she is very happy to care for her babies.

She runs out to pee and is back in lickety split!

fabian_newborn_pups7_march_13_2010The funny thing is that we were thinking Fabian was an old dog. She was surrendered to a local animal shelter freshly groomed with red ribbons in her hair.  Maybe her owner had died and family members wanted to have her  make a good impression?  We even figured she was already spayed. 

So much for all of that!

  Involvement in dog rescue means being prepared for almost  fabian_newborn_pups2_march_13_2010anything … even coming home to puppies!  We just never know.
Fabian probably weighs 7 or 8 pounds, she is white with some apricot coloring.   The basket she is in would hold a large dinner plate .. that gives you an idea how small Fabian is.

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