Pekes Round Two

Peke Rescue 030 

Round Two because we have been here before!

Last September we received five pekes from the shelter.  These were the ones that were released.  What an adventure that turned out to be!  Here is the story of the first group: Click here.

In that first group was Paddy, our little guy who underwent intensive hip surgery.   We also had our sexy little Penny, and Pony and Pauley and Pete too!  They had great fun together and then when they went off to their separate foster homes.  Paddy ended up Fostering 017being adopted by a family who had adopted one of the other pekes!

And then, right after we finally adopted out all five pekes, including Paddy, another peke was released!  Here is Parker.  Is he not adorable?  Parker is also available for adoption.  He is a two year old neutered male.

We have teased the shelter, who has had to hold all these pekes for legal reasons that we are going to start a “Release the Pekes’” campaign!  These poor guys have been at the shelter since last September.  And that is so long.  One of the girls spent over half her life in the shelter.   So, imagine our delight Peke Rescue 029 when we received a phone call Monday morning that the pekes had all been long last released! 

We were delighted .. ..we were scrambling to find foster homes for them.

Two volunteers went over and picked up the pekes.  There are four girls and then one boy.  The boy, E.T.  has a deformity in his back giving him a peculiar way of moving but he is such a joyful, happy, easy going, glad to be here, love everyone that his foster mom says he is a pure joy to foster!Peke Rescue 026  He has been to see our vet who tells us he will be just fine.

We must admit, as an organization, we have grown to love this breed.  These little fluff balls take life in stride, have proven to be fun-loving cuddle bunnies.  The volunteers love to foster them.

First order of business was to get them home to a long much needed soapy bath and a good brushing!  Matts were cut out, fur was brushed, nails were trimmed and ears were checked.  The ones that needed shots and worming – that was taken care of.  Peke Rescue 001 Then came trying to get them to their appropriate foster homes.  We are still in that process but it’s getting done.  One of the girls is in heat which created a no-so-needed ruckus in the foster home!  Clearly neutered males still get excited and hopefully when that little gal walks around with her butt up in the air!

Not to worry – all are scheduled for surgeries to put an end to the puppy making!

Here are some more photos from Round Two pick up:


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