Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke


 Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard Rise Up Again!

Right here in PetsConnect! Land we have our three handsome, wonderful Duke Trio.
The boys: Bo Duke, Luke Duke and our beautiful as can be girl, Daisy Duke.

Our three Dukes didn’t arrive as brave as their namesakes but they are getting there.  In the shelter they were so terrified!  Bo hid under Daisy who hid under Luke who growled when workers if they startled him or moved to quickly.  But not anymore!  Now they are playful, fun loving puppies who enjoy their foster mom’s home so much they greet visitors by jumping up on them and offering kisses.golden_pups4_feb_20_2010


These pups are partially housetrained.  They are learning to go to the door when they need to go out.
They are great with the other dogs .. including the older Boston.
They are fine with the cats .. including a very old 14 year old cat too!

They listen .. when their foster mom tells them no, they stop.

And they are very well behaved in the home.  They are actually calm puppies.  They do make whiny noises a lot .. sort of like talking golden_pups13_feb_20_2010under their breath.  And they bark.  They do love to bark.

The pups have been spayed or neutered, have had two sets of shots, their rabies shots, are micro chipped, and have been wormed.  They also have Frontline Plus applied for flea prevention.

This is Luke – he is the largest of the litter.

It’s hard to tell Bo and Duke apart in the photos.  Bo does have shorter legs .. he is so cute.

Daisy is very handsome and has great ears.

All three have gorgeous coats.

We think they are Golden Retriever,  Lab and maybe some shepherd?  We really don’t know.

Here are some more photos of this marvelous trio:

Making a Difference

Here is something you may like to know.

We received a call from the shelter asking if we could take these three pups because they were not doing well.  Employees had a good idea that if these pups got into a home they would probably do well.   And they were correct.  However, before we could take the pups in our foster home we had to put out a special plea for a foster home because we were full.  A volunteer who usually doesn’t foster offered to take these puppies.  If it weren’t for her,  well, not sure what would have happened.

But there you go, Volunteers really do matter.

Click here to learn more.

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