Puppies prepare for Puppy Palooza



On February 27th, PetsConnect scheduled a special adoption event featuring puppies called Puppy Palooza!

We were the oldest puppies there … well, as a group.  Boone was older than us, and so is Mona Lisa.  Boone got adopted; lots of people wanted to adopt him because he has funny coloring!

My foster mom said she didn’t know why Mona was not adopted because Mona is a really cute terrier and housetrained and good with everything!  But Mona didn’t get adopted.  I did though!
This is me.  My name is Jennifer Juniper, or Juni for short.

My foster mom tells me all the time that I look just like my mom, Indiana, and that I’m adorable! indy_jan_25_2010
Here is a photo of my mom: Indiana.

We have been with our foster mom for quite awhile now.  We came to her when we were pretty young, around 3-4 weeks old.  She says we were really sick and she is surprised so many of us, as she calls it, made it!

And then she complains that we sound like a herd of elephants coming down the stairs, and that we take up her entire dining room and then she says … oh, you indiana_pups_feb_27_2010guys are just so cute!

Here we all are curled up on our Kuranda Bed.

I have one sister, Tinker.  And three brothers: Bert, Sam and Donavan.

Are these sweaters not the silliest things?  Donavan’s was too big and hung down low – it was funny when he tried to run.

We went for a really nice long walk in the woods but mom would not let us go check out those musk rat mounds – she said the ice may not hold all of us.  You can see photos of us on one of walks here!  We love going for walks!tinker_adoption_event_feb_27_2010

Then when we came inside, Mom gave us each a bath.  Well, she let us run up the stairs and lured us into the bathroom and then one by one we each took a bath, more of a shower really.  She got us wet, lathered each of us down, and then rinsed and towel dried. 
After that, we all crashed on this giant Kuranda bed.

Here is a photo of Tinker – she is my sister and mom says she is just as adorable as I am.  Tink is brown.

You can volunteer to foster cute puppies like us!
Mom says there is always a need.
She says click here to learn more.

And here are some more awesome photos of just us!

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