Puppy Palooza a Success



On February 27th PetsConnect! held a Puppy Palooza at the PetSmart Store in Mishawaka!

We featured litters of puppies:  Noel’s puppies, Dottie’s puppies, Indiana’s puppies, Molly’s last puppy Mona, and an assortment of single puppies.

We had close to 30 puppies at the adoption event!
Why so many puppies?
Well, this is what happens: a shelter calls us and asks if we can take a pregnant dog.  Sure we say.  And then another adoption_event2_feb_27_2010pregnant dog.  Oh, why not, we say.  And then a mom with there puppies … um, ok, mom in one foster home, pups in another.   And then one of our volunteers spots a starving mom and her pups at another shelter and says  “we have to make more room” Well, one dog delivers twelve puppies, and another eight puppies and you get

the picture!

Truly, this does not happen often that we have this many puppies!

Here one of our younger volunteers holding a couple of Dottie’s puppies.

Noel’s puppies were in the South Bend Tribune – a nice photo of them.  dottie2adoption_event_feb_27_2010And these were truly the desired puppies of the day!  They were pretty much all adopted by noon.

Here is Dottie – mom of the Dozen!

Dottie’s puppies are all white with spots here and there.  All twelve were not at this event.  Joanne and Donald  took their  three to the PetSmart store in South Bend. 
(You really didn’t think all 12 were in one foster home – did you?)

She is such a nice dog, but mommy dogs and mommy cats are always the last to be adopted… :(

Did you know that Jack Russell Terriers are the most common used nk_adoption_event_feb_27_2010smdog in movies and TV sitcoms?  That is because they are so darn smart!  Dottie knew her math: she delivered her puppies in pairs, she had an even 6 girls, an even 6 boys which makes 12.  How neat is that!

Here is volunteer Nanette caught with a puppy!

Nanette fosters kittens, the ones that have to be bottle fed. Talk about a full time job!  She adopted out three of her kittens Saturday too, so it was a kitten palooza as well as a puppy palooza!

We had several adult dogs there Saturday as well: Cricket, Dottie and Beth.  Beth went for a home visit.

S5031202Cricket is part of those Border Collies that came up from  Tennessee.  What a fun adventure that was!  You can read more about that here: Border Collie.  Speaking of Border Collies, Jean Nate may have an adoption pending!  Someone who adopted one of the other Border Collies from another rescue may adopt Jean.indiana_pups_feb_27_2010

Here is a photo of Indiana’s puppies – just before we left for the event.

I gave them a bath, put harnesses on them, and their sweaters – pink for the girls and blue for the boys — and we went for a nice long walk in the woods came in and they crashed on the Kuranda bed thinking they were done for the morning!  They were not exactly thrilled when we put them in the crate in the car.

A Big thank you to the many volunteers who came and helped with this successful event, to all of you who came to adopt, to support, and to just come out and see all those puppies in one spot! 

We thank you.

It is never to late to adopt a new furry pet!

Our cats are hanging out at the cat adoption centers the rest of this week!

And you can always email us at petsconnect@petsconnect.org
If you would like to volunteer – by all means!

Here are more photos:

View Puppy Palooza

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