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These kittens were just born!
February 25th, 2010
Their mom is a beautiful Brown Tabby we are currently calling Secora.  She is so sweet and has been great with my handling the kittens and taking photos with the annoying flash!

With the ease Secora handled this birth and her care of her kittens, I’d guess she has done this before.

We are blessed that she has not been sick and we hope that she continues in good health!secora_and_kittens8_feb_25_2010

A couple of the kittens are my favorites: they are classic tabbies!  The one kitten already, at a day old, has the most impressive circles I have seen to date!

A second kitten is a black and white tuxedo… maybe she will be as pretty as Juliet!
A third kitten is a torbie, lots of orange tabby markings on her
secora_feb_25_2010And the fourth is another classic tabby.
Here is to hoping they remain healthy all make it!

They will be going to their new foster home tonight where they will  have a room and a teen-ager all to themselves.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

This is the mom.  She is a beautiful brown tabby. 
And her personality is wonderful.  She is very friendly.

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