Say Hello to Tinker!


Stunning deep brown with melt your heart brown eyes, Tinker is as sweet as a Hershey Bar!
Shee is almost three months in this photo taken yesterday, February 18th, 2010.  She is on a blanket in the dining room.  You can see the body of one of her siblings behind her.  There are actually several puppies piled in and around .. getting ready for nap time or puppy pile time or take the rawhide away from  one another time!puppy_pile_on_kuranda_bed_feb_18_2010sm

Here she is on the Kurand bed with a pile of puppies!  Can you count how many?

There is Mojo under  Sam, and Baldwin on top of Donvan and then Juni, Tinker and Bert piled at the end!  It’s hard to see where one puppy ends and the other begins!  They do love those Kuranda beds!
tinker2_feb_15_2010  Tinker is a great puppy.  She can have some attitude though – watch out when her siblings try to take her bone away from her!  We have been working with her on that and she is getting better.  Interstingly though, she is also the most loving of the litter.  Sit down, and she is the first to want you to pick her up.  Sit on the couch and she is snuggling in your lap.  She is a big baby!
Tinker is learning to sit for a treat and learning to go outside to go potty too.

Tinker is one of five puppies: Juni, Bert, Sam and Donavan.  I have fostered them since they were barely four weeks old.  You can read more about their beginnings with us here.  Since that post, we had to take mom away because she was so thin while at the same time the pups were sick with a nasty upper respiratory and coccidia and giardia .. good grief!  So many drugs.. so many puppies .. so little time!  Two of the smaller pups didn’t make it but five did.  After all of that we found out they had the ringworm fungus too.  If you look closely at the photos you can see a small spot of missing hair here and there. 
Well, the fungus is pretty much killed, the pups are thriving and growing bigger by the second and wow .. what great pups! ad are doing great now.

Here are lots of more photos of Tinker:

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