Skip Along Sam

Here is Sam – and he is certainly mis-behaving!
He has gone up the stairs and climbed on top of Katie’s crate (which, by the way, she hates for him to do) and on top of that he is on the cat scratcher which Chubbs hates for him to be on! 
What a naughty little puppy.

My aunt would call him a stink pot!

Sam is almost three months in this photo taken February 15th, 2010.  He has a nice white stripe that goes from his belly all the way up under his nose!  And as you can see in the photo, he is trying to figure out whether to hop down fast and hope I didn’t see him .. or … beg for mercy by giving me lots of kisses.  He did the latter of sam_mojo_feb_18_2010course.

Here he is on a on the Kuranda bed with Mojo.  There are actually several puppies piled on the bed in this photo .. you can see how these two are on the end.  The photo is cropped because I thought these two looked so cute with Sam’s leg wrapped around Mojo.  Of course, can’t read any into this .. Mojo just is looking for someone warm to cuddle with for a nice nap!

Here is the bigger picture!  Can you count how many puppies are on the bed?  That is the beagle pup, Baldwin who is on top of Donvan; and there is Bert and Juni and Tinker too!puppy_pile_on_kuranda_bed_feb_18_2010sm

The puppies love to be piled in and around .. getting ready for nap time or puppy pile time or take the rawhide away from one another time!

Sam is a really pretty dog.  He has that nice black coat that has a rich look to it.

And he is learning to sit for a treat and learning to go outside to go potty too.


Here he  is with a new toy we just bought for them and he has it all to himself!

Sam is one of five puppies: Juni, Bert, Donavan and Tinker.  I have fostered them since they were barely four weeks old.  You can read more about their beginnings with us here.  Since that post, we had to take mom away because she was so thin while at the same time the pups were sick with a nasty upper respiratory and coccidia and giardia .. good grief!  So many drugs.. so many puppies .. so little time!  Two of the smaller pups didn’t make it but five did.  After all of that we found out they had the ringworm fungus too.  If you look closely at the photos you can see a small spot of missing hair here and there. 
Well, the fungus is pretty much killed, the pups are thriving and growing bigger by the second and wow .. what great pups! ad are doing great now.

And here is a photo album with lots of photos!

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