Edwardsburg Memorial Day Festival


Join us at the Edwardsburg Memorial Day Parade and Festival this coming Monday, May 25th, 2009 at
Gunn Park in Edwardsburg, Michigan.  It won’t be hard to find – Edwardsburg is not all that big!  The Parade starts at 11am  with a  festival to follow!  There will be children’s rides, live band performances, tours of the museum and a whole lot of vendors and other grass root organizations.ringing_liberty_bell
Not so well known, the local plant group sells the best perennials dug right out of their garden, and there is a little mini-train homemade for children to ride around in too.  It’s a great family fun time.
Our large litter of puppies – the big puppies – will be on hand to greet and meet people!
We will have ice water and mini-pops for sale. – still raising money for Jelly Bean.
Stop by and say hi!

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