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chubs_slap_jan_9_2010sm This is Chubs.
  He is hanging out at the adoption center at the PetSmart, South Bend, IN store.


PetsConnect! is proud to be a partner with PetSmart Charities.  And there are some things you may want to know about this partnership.
First, several times a year we are required to fill out paperwork, provide statistics as well as proof that we are doing the following: providing follow up for those who adopt animals from our program; that 100% of our canines and felines are altered (spayed or neutered) and that we are following the rules provided by PetSmart.
Nellie and the Earth very nice April 2003 crop PetSmart Has Rules:  You may not realize this, but every organization holding adoption events in PetSmart stores must abide by a book of rules!  And for you the customer, this is a good thing.
Animals: Some of these rules are about the animals: they must be clean, free of any fleas, mites, up to date on their shots, proof of rabies must be on site, and they need to be healthy at time of adoption.  (Sometimes an animal will come down with a cold or kennel cough later and sometimes this is from exposure at that store – sometimes it is just something that is cooking).

Customers:  There are rules about how we interact with customers.  Courtesy is a must.

Fellow Rescue Organizations: There are rules about behaving with fellow rescue groups who are also in the store as well as being considerate about their space.

Adopters:  When you adopt an animal from PetSmart, you will be asked to fill out paperwork for PetSmart.  They will ask you information about your new pet, your postal address and you will receive an amazing booklet with information and loads of coupons.  In addition, for years to come, you will receive a gift certificate allowing you to buy a toy up to a certain value at Petsmart every year on your pet’s birthday!


So, what is PetSmart  Charities?Marty 2007 077
From their website, “PetSmart Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a separate entity  from PetSmart, Inc. PetSmart Charities was founded by PetSmart, and PetSmart is one of our largest supporters. In 2006, PetSmart, Inc. donated more than $10.2 million in funds, space, supplies, and pet food for the Adoption Centers that are located inside all PetSmart stores. Together we have helped to place more than 3.9 million homeless pets into loving, forever homes”
Click here for more information about PetSmart, Charities

There is quite a bit of information on their website.  For example, PetSmart Charities has a website devoted to new pet owners .. click here for more information.


How does PetSmart Charities help us?

evert_in_volunteer_hands_jan_8_2010In two ways: funding and a place to hold events

First, PetSmart Charities donates to participating organizations.  This helps us to cover the costs of veterinary care, food, medicine and cat litter.

Here, Evert enjoys being held by a volunteer who cleans the cat adoption center at the South Bend PetSmart store.

Second, by being a partner, we are allowed to hold adoption events at the stores.  Since we do not have a physical building, it is important to us to be have places where we can take our animals for adoption events.  PetSmart is particularly accommodating and we appreciate this.  During the summer we particularly enjoy setting up outside in front of the store under our canopy’s. We work closely with management at both the store in Mishawaka on Grape and Main and the PetSmart store in South Bend off of Ireland
Cat Adoption Centers:  And for these we are so very grateful!  Cat’s do not really travel well so these centers  allow our cats to settle into their new environments for one or two weeks at a time!  We are responsible to keep the centers clean, and for that we need volunteers!  If you would like to hel volunteer in this way click here to learn more!  Volunteer Now!
To learn more about how to clean the Cat Adoption center at the Mishawaka PetSmart, click here.

facebook_phooAdoption Events:  Both stores are generous in allowing us to schedule events in their stores!  In addition,  PetSmart Charities hosts four National Week-end Adoption events a year which we participate in.  We are always in need of volunteers to assist in caring for the animals, helping complete adoption paperwork, interviewing potential adopters, getting animals out of their crates to show to potential adopters, setting up the crates, tables, etc for adoption events as well as taking everything back down again!  It is a lot of work and many hands make it so much easier.  Volunteer Now!

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