Classical Musical Tabbies


These Beautiful Tabbies are so appropriately named!

Meet Ella the mom and her four kittens: Bessie, Billie, Louis and Bix!

Born March 19th, 2009, these little ones are just 10 weeks in these photos.

Louis is the only brown tiger.

Bessie and Billie are both brown classic tabbies, and so is Bix.  They are playful and fun!

They came into our program mid April – back when they were young and sleepy eyed.

Mom is wonderful!  She is sweet, loves to be petted and very gentle.

The kittens?  Well, they are kittens after all – playful, curious and into everything.

These little ones are not outside – and you can see they were a bit scared.  They are indoors only.  We took them outside to get some nice photos.  And were they ever curious!

That is Suka, our vey old dog looking at them when they are in the old rusty bird bath that never has water in it unless it rains.

And here are photos taken about a month ago – mid-April 2009 when they were smaller.

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