Five month old Male

Maltese mix, probably poodle
Neutered, up to date on shots, micro chipped

Housetrained, but needs to be watched for leg lifting

Knows NO, Sit and comes when called

Good with dogs and cats and probably children too

Likes to be with someone .. will barkpal6_jan_10_2010

Crate trained but will bark sometimes at first.

Pal is creamish white with dark gray-blue markings.  HIs ears, the tip of his tail, around his nose and a patch on his back are that pretty blue color.  The rest is a light cream.

girl_dog_snow Where did the name come from?  My Grandma used to talk about the dog that she had when my dad was a young boy.  It was actually a medium size brown long haired dog that they called Pal.  She said Pal would go everywhere with my dad and keep him out of trouble, or at least try to.  I was thinking about that because I ran across an old photo of my dad and my grandma sitting onbluebutton  pal2_jan_10_2010 the porch stoop of their house in downtown Flint with the dog sitting at their feet.  So, I thought this could be a Pal too.  It’s a nice name for a little dog that likes to lay at my feet. 
Pal has a cute tail that curls up and around his back and he has a fluffy back.  I suspect he will not shed which means hepal5_jan_10_2010sm will need to be groomed.  He looks really cute and fluffy when he is brushed out but it doesn’t last long.

The day before we went and picked him up at the shelter it snowed so much I didn’t think we could get out of the driveway – but we plowed, or rather snow blowed the driveway.  You can see the tracks of the bluebutton snow blower in the photo.  Pal wasn’t too concerned  about the snow, rather than stay where it was plowed, he jumped right into pal3_jan_10_2010the snow and tried to get to one of the big oak trees!  Guess he figures he can pee on a big tree like the big dogs.

When I was at the shelter picking up Molly and her puppies I saw this cute guy and Jack, the Jack Russell Terrier.  The shelter employee asked if I would be willing to take the JRT as they are hard to find homes for.  I said bluebuttonsure, if I could have his kennel mate – this little guy.  So, as soon as their time was up at the shelter they called jrt2_jan_10_2010 me. 
Here is a photo of Jack.
Another volunteer went over on a Saturday afternoon to pick them up.  She brought them over to the store where we were having an adoption event.  Wouldn’t you know, a woman came up and fell in love with Jack.  In fact, once he is ready for adoption she is approved to adopt him!  But Jack is another story and so much for Jack Russell’s being hard to adopt, though honestly, pal7_jan_10_2010sm we usually have a JRT for at least 6 months and the are hard to place .. it’s because they are so smart and have a lot of energy.

Back to Pal .. he is an easy going guy.  Low energy.. fun to be around .. a pal.

Making a Difference

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The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

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