Hi, my name is Starlette and I’m a small terrier mix.  My foster mom thinks I’m just the best thing on the planet!  She must like me a lot because she lets me cuddle with her all night long, though sometimes she says my nails are sharp – oops.

I like to play with the other dogs, watch TV with my foster mom and follow her all over the house.  And I let her know if anyone comes up to the door too – I can be loud if I have to!culvers_starlette_may_12_2009

  Mom took me to the Culver fundraiser.  It was sort of fun but the one little girl scared me when she screamed – and she would not stop screaming.  (and they say I can be loud)

This is me at the Culver Store – you can read more of that from Ralphie’s blog – no one would give me ice cream either.  I did steal a small French fry though.


The plot thickens…….culvers_starlette3_may_12_2009

I am happy that PetsConnect chose me.  I wasn’t feeling well and it was hard to pee but I couldn’t tell anyone.  Finally someone noticed that I was peeing a little a lot and that it was reddish… about time someone noticed!

As it turns out my mom had to take me to the vet’s office where they took photos of  my insides and the vet said I had stones!  Ok, I do not eat stones. 

The vet, Dr Hatch, had to remove two very large stones.  She then ran some tests to see how my liver is functioning.

I will know soon about the results from the test.

I feel tons better now – mom says she is going to take me back to the vet and get that calm look-a-like that was me before the surgery!

  I guess it’s a good think the Culver guy is helping us out – my surgery was pricey.  But mom says don’t worry, there are wonderful people out there who care for mutts like me!

Best Regards, Star*

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