Thank You Culvers!



 Culvers-logo-description While my mom is away, I have slipped into her office and am one paw typing on her keyboard – shhh, when she catches me, she won’t be happy.

But I had to just say THANK YOU to the good looking guy in the blue apron walking by the giant ice cream cone.  You can’t eat the ice cream.  But lot’s of people bought cones on May 12th, and they didn’t give me any.  They said it was to raise money to help pay my food bill.

Hey, ice cream is food!


This is me, well, me and Buddy  – getting attention from the Culver guy – he really liked us.    He kept coming out and saying hi.  He even adopted my buddy not too long ago – wonder if she gets lots of ice  cream cones?

This is me!!  I’m Ralphie and I’m just the neatest little guy – and don’t culvers_ralphie_may_12_2009believe the volunteers when they tell you I can be a little hooligan!  I’m a love bug.

Paws up for Culvers and the Culver Guy!

ps – you will never believe this, but that is his daughter as a giant ice cream cone!  How cool is that?

Love, Ralphie

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