Snow Flake



Snow Flake has been with us since she was just a wee kitten weighing in at less than a pound!  That was last Spring when she, her mom Disney and her siblings entered our program.

Her siblings have all been adopted.  But Snow Flake remains to wait for her forever home.  She does have one eye that tears up and needs to be cleaned which is not a big selling point, and she can be a bit stand offish at times which can also turn people off.

Even though she is not a lap cat and does not like to be held, she does not mind being brushed and she is always where the action is.  She likes to be in the thick of things.  And she adores large dogs!  I brought home D.B. Jones – a huge Yellow Lab and she just loves to be with him.  She will even get in his crate and spend the night with him.  Silly cat.

And she is very playful too.  She is always up to something which can be fun. 

And she is terrific with other cats and all dogs too.  Noises don’t bother her, activity doesn’t bother her.
white_kittens_disney_april_25_2009But she does not need another cat – I don’t think I’ve ever caught her napping with another feline but she will curl up with the dogs or puppies.

For the right person she will make a delightful companion.

 Here is a photo of her on April 25th, 2009 when she was really  young!



And this photo taken  May 18th, 2009.

Her eyes have always been blue.  They are a light sky blue, sometimes almost faline2_july_5_2009translucent  … really pretty.

 And this photo, taken July 5th, 2009 out in my garden.  She abhors the flash on the camera – I suspect it hurts her eyes.  So I always try to take photos of her in a natural lighting setting so the flash won’t go off. 

She is almost afraid of the camera .. to take the most recent photos I clicked and clicked the camera so she would see there would be no flash.  I took several days in a row to dosnowball_dec_29_2009 this and finally she started looking up at me when I had the camera in my hand.  This is not a dumb cat, that  is for sure!

This photo was taken of her in my office on December 29th, 2009 when there was a lot of sunshine coming in through the windows.  She still squinted her eyes at me.  However, there are parakeets in my office which offer a promise of entertainment in her mind. 

The following photos in the photo album were taken January 2010.  She really does not do badly on a collar and leash.  She would do better with a harness but I didn’t have one handy.  She was not all that excited about the snow and kept going to the front door where she would sit and look at me as if to say,
“Hello, it’s cold out here and warm in there … open the door and let me in!”















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