Puppy Madness

Madness we say! Check out our new troop of puppies. This group came to PC with their mother, Candy. They are recovering from upper respiratory infections. Along with being too cute for words, these pups are HUGE! At only 8 weeks old, they already weigh between 15-20 pounds. They’ll be big boys and girls for sure.  There are 9 total puppies.  The mom is Candy, and the pups are all have names that begin with “H” (you can’t expect me to remember all of them!).  Keep an eye on the blog and website for updates about this litter.  When healthy, they will be spayed and neutered, brought up-to-date on shots, micro-chipped, and placed for adoption.  In the meantime, enjoy these cute pics!

Puppies Go to Prison

Starting May 21st, these puppies will be our newest additions to our DAYLIGHT program!  They will travel to the State Youth Prison once a week where they will not just interact with the teens but also learn new cool things!  The prison program is one way we hope that our puppies and the youth in our community can both learn to be great citizens which can only be a good thing for all of us!

View The H Litter

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