A – Maze – ‘N Fun for the Mini Pups!

Want to see what happens when a foster mom is bored and has too many empty boxes lying around?  A puppy maze!! 


This maze was made for the mini Pin / mini Doxie mixes that I am fostering.  There are 2 girls and 1 boy in these pictures.  Their names are Hailey, Bailey and Riley. 


The main box is 40” long, 25” wide and 31” deep.  They weigh between 2-3lbs at 9weeks and are the perfect size to run around in a bunch of empty boxes! 


They had a GREAT time!  All I heard were puppy barks, playful growling and nails on cardboard as they were running around all over and wrestling with each other.


Bailey was the most agile one out of them all – she could walk the ramps with no problems!


There are pictures below of the maze before the pups were put in to show the set-up and of course plenty of pictures of them playing in it!s5031054


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