Noel: Due any Day Now




Noel here.  They named me Noel becase they say I’m a reflection of the Christmas story.
There was no room for me at my owners home so I was dumped.  A kind person picked me up and took me an animal shelter.  And the really nice employees had compassion for me.  They said I had to stay right up front away from all the other dogs and germs.  They kept me close and started calling rescues.  And then they were all so happy because they found a rescue to come get me right away, sight unseen!

Good grief, pass the cookies and the punch they said, for you are on your way to a great home!noel_dec_13_1009

  So, while I waited, curled up nice and cozy, volunteers from the rescue were scrambling to find someone to come pick me up.  Last minute on a Friday afternoon and all  — you know how crazy those can be.  One of the volunteers answered the call.  She left work, took her sister with her and came to the shelter to pick up me and these two ditzy Golden Retrievers, a mom and daughter, Noel and Lucy.
noel2_dec_13_1009   I rode in a crate because they were sure how nice I’d be while those ditzy goldens got to ride in a lap!  They had to share a lap.  Well, I showed them who was the real dog … that one stuck her nose in my cage and I gave her a good growl!  I know how to act like a real dog.  Well, it was quite a circus back on the job .. people all over the place.  Employees oohing and aahing over those godlens .. I’m just glad I got to stay in the car after all .. ok, maybe not, but it all worked out.  Another volunteer, the entire family actually, came and picked up Lucy, the mom ditz.  I went home with the baby ditz.holly_noel_bed_dec_13_1009
poinsetta  Here I am sleeping with the ditzy golden puppy, Holly.  Ok, she is very cute, but geesh, my foster mom just goes on and on about how cute she is – and you know, it’s just not pretty to see a human drool over a dog – even if it really is cute!

Once I got to my new home it was paradise!  I have my very own room!  And let me tell you, when you are this far along, you just don’t have time to waste so I started my nesting.  I am so comfy now.  It’s warm, and cozy, and quiet too.  Well, not always real quiet but most of the time.  These tall humans are wonderful to me.  I get all kinds of treats.  They say there are lots of treats because the shelter where I came from donated tons of treats to our program!  I love all these people!

  So, here I am, room in the inn after all!  Bet you can’t wait to see my puppies — they are going to be so cute .. my foster mom will be drooling over them too and for my puppies, well she can drool all she wants! And the doggie doctor says the fancy (x-ray) photos reveal lots of little puppies growing strong within me!
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