Quincy at Play in the Snow


It snowed!

Quincy stepped out onto the patio ever so gingerly.

He would pick up one paw, look at it, lick it, set it down.

Repeat until he figured that the white stuff was there, it was harmless, it was cold, it went up in clouds when we raced through it and he could lick it too!

Oh what fun this white stuff can be.

The simple things in life make this guy so happy: snow, a yard to play in, green grass, a biscuit, a stuffed toy to tear the stuffing out of, a nice firm rawhide and a person calling him to come back inside!quincy_dec_4_2009sm

Quincy is so wrapped_bone German Shepherd: he is developing that deep, gruff bark, he is obedient, he is observant and he can be a bit rough sometimes with some of the other dogs as he bullies his way to the top.  Ok, not the top – nope, not in this foster home for we have top dogs .. but he is jostling about the pack getting his comfy spot.  To read more of Quincy and his brother Quinton, click here.

He loves beds .. big fluffy ones, and he likes to be at our feet.  He is getting much better at going outside to go potty but now has started that adolescent, cutting teeth, chewing – ugh.  Have to keep an eye on him as anything to lend comfort to those back teeth he is cutting in.  So, we have rawhides all over the place.
Quincy loves playing with Monty! 

Here are some more photos.

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