She was not quite what you would call refined.
   She was not quite what you would call unrefined.
She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.
                            -Mark Twain

PetsConnect! works with local animal shelters.  They either call us or we call them when they have animals they need help placing or we have space in our foster homes.  Primarily we work with dogs and cats, puppies and kittens.  But once in awhile we put on our mantle of bravery and try a new species!
lovebirds1 A local animal shelter seized a whole lot of Lovebirds and cats from a local home.  The Lovebirds had been allowed to reproduce to the point where there were just too many crowded into a couple cages!  The shelter had asked us many times if we could help.  We had thought about it but Lovebirds?  I mean, aren’t they noisy and obnoxious?

Every time we went to the shelter to get cute puppy dogs and sweet kittens an employee would point out the cages full of Lovebirds.  We would go look and pretend we were interested and tell them we would think lemon_and_meringu2_nov_2009about it.  Finally, one time we looked and one of our volunteers commented on how she really liked the one cage the birds were in, and maybe if the shelter would give us the cage we could take some birds.  That is all it took …. we were walking out the door with Nineteen Lovebirds and two cages – one donated to our   program and one borrowed.

lovebirds3_nov_18_2009And that is how we have ended up with our very own “flock” of Lovebirds, 17 to be exact.  We have learned and are learning much about this lovely small parrot.  They can make great pets but it is important to do the research and make sure these are the right pets for your family.
They are peach or rosy faced Lovebirds.

Here is what we have that are available for adoption:

12 Lovebirds: 11 are green and one is yellow, they are between 6 months and a year old.

2 Lovebird babies: 3 months old, hand tamed, green, very sweet.

2 Yellow Lovebirds, a pair
1 adult green lovebird, age unknown, said to be a female, starting to tame.

Lovebirds are small, stocky versions of parrots, with a large hooked upper beak .

Their voice apparatus allows a wide range of articulations, including the imitation of the human voice.  Although they are not known to be great talkers; and most never learn to talk at all.

Lovebirds make lively and energetic pet birds. They are playful and often boisterous birds.

Lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

Adoption Fees:

The adoption fee for the older Lovebirds is $40 per bird or $75 for a pair.
The hand tamed babies are $60 each.

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