3-5 year old Poodle mix

Gray with some silver


Good with dogs

Will bark at the cat and would love to chase the parakeets

Good with people – likes to be in laps sometimes

Grandma was left in a night drop box at a local animal shelter, we do now know why but we would guess it has nothing to do with her and may have been a painful choice for her owners.  But it’s ok, that is what the shelters are for and they do their very best for each animal in their care, including calling us and asking us to come pull some into our program which we are always delighted to do!old_gray_poodle2_nov_27_2009

  Bow2 So, here is Grandma.  Why the name you may ask?  Well, see that box of pretty material pads she is lying  in?  Well, those were made by the Grandma of one our volunteers, so I said you laying in Grandma’s blankets and you look like a Grandma dog – she responded – name stuck.  So, there you have it.

It is obvious that she has been well taken care of.  Grandma has perfect manners and is a great little dog.  She is sure to make some lucky soul very happy.

Grandma will need to be groomed on a regular schedule.  It appears that she does not shed but we can not guarantee that.

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