Clown Puppies Enjoying an Afternoon

Dimples, Giggles, Tickles and Noodlesclown_car

Five month old puppies
Neutered, up to date on their shots
Dimples, Giggles and Tickles are males
Noodles is a female


We named these pups after clowns because they were so silly and maybe we were being silly too.


These four puppies are some sort of hound mixes.  Two will be a bit larger: Noodles and Giggles.  Dimples and Giggles are smaller by ten pounds each and will be more medium size.   All four are sweet natured, easy going dogs.

clown_balloons They are clearly pack animals which means they stay tight on our heels and want to be right with us.  This giggles_nov_23_2009makes taking them for nice walks in the woods and around the marsh easy as can be!   Being pack animals they like to be together or with someone, it is highly unlikely any of these pups would do well left alone by themselves for long hours at a time.  That is the trade off for having a dog that just wants to be with it’s pack.

They are clowns in their own right. 
They love to run and play and will often run into each other!  They jump over each other and can be quite comical.  And when one finds a pile rabbit terds – oh dimples_noodles_giggles_nov_23_2009yummy – all four plow into the pile with their butts sticking out and tails  wagging as fast as you can imagine!  Guess in the dog world not much tops delicious rabbit terds.

On this afternoon, just a few days before Thanksgiving, our son, Ryon, came over and we had a fire out back and enjoyed the warm ryon2_nov_23_2009afternoon.  The pups enjoyed it too.  They stayed right with us, sometimes climbing into a lap, sometimes racing treat_time2_nov_23_2009around in circles and sometimes chewing on a stick.  Here the smaller two are wanting to share his lap.

  Here Ryon holds up the treats … we try to teach the pups to take treats nicely, but with these pups, they didn’t even know what treats were so we were just trying to teach them that they could eat the treats – of course, it’s hare when our two dogs, Suka and Libby have to get into the thick of it!  Those two are so happy to teach any puppy how exactly to eat all the treats!

Here are some more photos:















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