Frisbee Fun


Quinton, Quincy and Sugar having fun with a floppy Frisbee.  Quincy wasn’t really that interested in catching it or carrying it, rather he was all about the fun they were having.  But Quinton and Sugar were very much into catching the Frisbee and keeping it too!


Here Quincy is standing and Quinton has the Frisbee. That would be Libby’s big tail and Suka’s back in the photo

We were actually trying to get some yard work done but playing with the puppies was more fun for us too!


Quincy chasing after Sugar and Quinton.  I like how their ears flop when they run.


Brining the Frisbee back to us was never on the Quinton’s agenda.  He seemed to think it was a chew toy and was always surprised when we took it away from him – only to throw it again!

What were we thinking!quincy3_nov_8_2009


To see more photos of Quincy and Quinton: Click here! 
And for Sugar: Click here!

Quincy getting a belly rub.  They absorb attention and enjoy all pettings!  They are calm dogs so when we sat around the fire pit, they just lay at our feet chewing sticks.  And when we got up to go cut more limbs and clear more debris, they would amber beside or behind us and watch contently.  Ok, white_dog_quinton_play5_nov_8_2009 that would be Quinton and Quincy.  Now Sugar, that is another story!  Sugar would take off for explores – we would call her, she would look at us, give a look of glee and off she would go!  What a stinker!quincy2_nov_8_2009

In this photo Sugar has the Frisbee and Quinton is right beside her.  And in this other photo, Quincy stands looking very handsome – you can see behind him that his brother has the Frisbee.  Remember, Quincy and Quinton quinton5_nov_8_2009are brothers – Sugar is not related and a newer addition to the clan.

Here is Quinton – he lost out the Frisbee to Suka which is rather sad given Suka is almost 14 years old and can hardly move .. but she can growl and Quinton bought her bluff.quinton_quincy_nov_8_2009 

I like how the sun is setting on those trees in the back ground.  Brings out his coloring.

Giving up the Frisbee.


And then there is the butt shot! No, they are not foot ball players after a foot ball, they are trying to pick up the Frisbee – you can see that Quinton and Sugar are both laying claim while Quincy is getting his two cents worth in.  white_dog_quinton_play2_nov_8_2009

And the race is on!  Sugar loves to wave the Frisbee in front of Quinton’s nose!  And she can move fast too and she is very agile – more so then the boys.

quinton4_nov_8_2009This is Quinton – it’s easy to see how noble he will look when he is an adult.

 white_dog_quinton_play5_nov_8_2009 You can see the fire going in the back ground – that smoky look.  Here Quinton and Sugar vie for the Frisbee!


Just think you could be playing with these pups too!

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