Adoption Event at PetSmart, Mishawaka



What is an adoption event?

It is an opportunity for us to offer animals for adoption! 
We schedule a date ahead of time, often at one of the PetSmart stores and most often when our cats are hanging out at the cat adoption center.

Since we are all volunteers and all our animals are being fostered by volunteers, not all the animals will be at an event, but many will.

Volunteers carry in tables and crates, table cloths and crate blankets, applications, pens and clip boards, crate tags for each animal, brochures volunteers4_sept_13_2009 and business cards and leashes and oh my, so much to carry in! 

What do Volunteers do during an adoption event?

There is always so much to do!  Here Carol fills out paperwork while Paula hold Tigger.  We always need volunteers willing to sit with the animals and talk to people too.  And we need volunteers willing to do the paperwork when an animal get’s adopted: there is the PetSmart monty_sept_13_2009 contract and the PetsConnect contract and going over all the medical and Avid micro chip and so much more…… it can be exhausting!

Here Monty is saying hi to a kitten who is not too happy with Monty’s large size.  There is a volunteer holding onto Monty – thank goodness or Monty tabitha_sept_13_2009would knock everything down!

This is Tabitha.  She is in the Cat Adoption Center.  Two weeks out of every six weeks our cats are at the adoption center located inside the store.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our cats to find new homes!  However, we, the volunteers, are responsible to clean once each day our cats are in the center!  cats2_sept_13_2009Always looking for help with that task – click here to learn more.

Here Eva and Billy are in one of the cages.  The cats love to check out each other’s cages: especially the food dishes and litter boxes.  Nosy cats.

One task that needs to be done during an event is to take the dogs for brief potty breaks and offer them water to drink.  We don’t want the dogs gone for too long as people are always coming in to see the dogs, and we don’t want the water in the cages because it can spill and that will be a mess.  When we have puppies, we need to clean up their potty papers.  Puppies can only be at an event if they have had two sets of shots and that is the minimum and we are still very careful.

Sometimes we get to set up outside and that can be a lot of fun – like our Sidewalk Adoption Events in July!

So, ready to volunteer?
Click here!

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