Pekingese Fun



What: Four Pekingese and one Chihuahua playing in the side yard kennel.

When: October 26th, 2009

Who: Pauley, Pony, Penny and Paddy as well as Little Muffin.

This is a photo of Pauley racing full speed ahead!  And what is in his mouth you may wonder?  Believe it or not, it’s a piece of charred wood from the fire pit.
Pauley LOVES to race around the yard, down the path and back again … it’s as if enjoys the pure speed of the run.  Look at how outstretched his legs are?
He loves to play with toys too – if you don’t want to throw the ball then he will toss it on his own and go catch it too!

These little guys are cute as can be, energetic, love to bark at anything that comes up their fence and are loveable, affectionate too.  penny_tire_oct_26_2009And they are fantastic with other dogs, with cats and children too.


This should be Penny’s song:

“I’m too sexy for my love too sexy for my love
Love’s going to leave me
I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
So sexy it hurts”


She is just a sexy little thing – when she walks she wags her rear and has that tail that swings back and forth!  She just cracks us up!
Penny is really small and has hair that flows to the floor.  Her tail curls up over her back and falls down to the floor too.  She is quite the character.pony_oct_26_2009


That is Pony – the white one with tan spots.  His hair is different as it curls up and over. 

He is also rather long in the body.

And he loves giving kisses!

These little guys are really growing on us!  They have the tenacity of guard dogs, the gentleness of Queen Anne’s Lace and the looks of colorful spring flowers.

paddy_pony_penny_chichi_playing_oct_26_2009Here they are playing – that is Paddy and Pony – you can see Penny’s butt and then there is Little Muffin.

Want to know how they came to be in our program? Click here


They love to run around and play — a game Pauley enjoys is Pekingese King on top of whatever he can get on top of!

Here is on top of the bottom of an old plastic dog cage turned upside down for a dog house of sorts – there are also two dogs paddy_pauley3_oct_26_2009houses including an igloo.  The dogs love climbing up on  things .. but Pauley can mostly be found up high.  He is a thinker too and has to be watched: Let’s see – to get on top of the counter, from step stool to recycle basket (balance carefully) and then hop up to the counter! Clever boy this one.


Paddy is the quiet soul.
He is also the one with the bad leg.  X-rays reveal a blunt trauma force with unhealed injuries.  Other oakleaves words he was probably hit by a car and not taken in for medical care.  His knee and hip is trashed.  We will be meeting with our vet to see what the options are and most likely engage in fundraising because we suspect none of the options will be cheap.
Having a bad leg does not stop him from lifting his leg to pee – and last night he got into trouble for peeing in the house – bad boy!

Perhaps you would like to make a donation to help Paddy?  Click here to learn more

But for the most part all are housetrained .. it is just taking awhile and it is hard with so many but slowly but pete_pct_26_2009smsurely they are going out to other foster homes.

You may wonder where Pete is in all these photos?
Pete has gone to another foster home and is living the ‘rough’ life;


Maybe you would like to volunteer?
Click here to learn more!


And for even more great – ok, the sun wasn’t shining and the photos are grayish but they are still rather enjoyable to look at:

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