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  PetsConnect is devoted to working with local shelters, to reduce the number of animals put down.
To achieve this goal, PetsConnect! volunteers work several ways to increase the number of animals that find their forever homes.
agility2_walk_stumpy_mutt_walk_may_9_2009 1) all the animals in our foster program come directly from local shelters;
2) we work with local shelters to find other rescues through out the nation to take animals;
3) we provide transport or help arrange transport of animals to another rescue;
4) we work with local shelters on a variety of iniatives which decrease the number of homeless animals.
  These initiatives include bringing a mobile neuter scooter to our area providing low cost spay and neuters, joining local shelters for larger adoption events, planning events with local shelters to encourage people to consider adopting a shelter animal!

We rely solely on volunteers to keep PetsConnect! running.
In the world of rescue the number of things that need to be done are endless and can be overwhelming.
In the world of rescue those of us involved find time to be something we have little of!
reuion_volunteers8_oct_10_2009So, you want to volunteer?
  Please don’t wait for us to call you — simply come to one of our posted events.
Introduce yourself.
Let us know you are there to help.
Ask how you can help and a fellow volunteer will be happy to offer guidance!
We care and love to have new volunteers but it’s all about the limited amount of time available.
So, show up, pitch in and make a difference today all while making some new friends!
For a lot of information please visit our blog –  an abundance of information can be found there and it is growing as more volunteers sign up to blog!

Currently Needed zcat3

Feline Volunteers
Help at the cat adoption centers located in the PetSmart Stores
(South Bend and Mishawaka).
Click here to learn more!

Event Volunteers

Help at adoption events
Help out at Special Events
cateatdgFostering a Cat or a Dog

PetsConnect is in a privileged position because we only bring in animals that we have a foster home for.  For our volunteers who foster this means that they foster what they can handle, they take much needed breaks too.

Here are some basics to consider:
Your obligations:
You let us know what you wish to foster.
You may not adopt your first foster.
You must be able to take your foster to the vet (Kryder Vet Clinic)
You must be able to provide digital photos for the website of your foster
You must be able to bring your foster to an adoption event at least once a month.

PetsConnect obligations:
All foster animals must be approved by PetsConnect!
PetsConnect provides food, litter, and covers the vet costs (pre-approved at Kryder Vet Clinic)
PetsConnect provides a support system
Fellow PetsConnect volunteers are amazingly wonderful and work together in a team approach

Week-End Warriors

Offer relief for a foster of dogs/cats by taking the animal for a week-end. 
This varies as sometimes we also need a volunteer willing to stay in another volunteers home for a few days too.

Photography: take photos of foster animals to post on the web:  involves traveling to foster homes, taking photos, sending photos to webmaster for posting on the website as well as petfinders.

pets_connect_093 Transport Volunteers
 Transport from shelters to foster homes
go to a local shelter and transport animal to foster home. 
Usually last minute and has to be done quickly – often during the day.

Transport from shelters to other rescue or shelter organizations
click here to learn more!

Other Opportunities

Phone calls
Call people who have adopted from us and check to see how they are doing with their new pet.
Adoption Interviewer
Call people who have submitted an application to adopt one of our animals.
Adoption Paperwork: Fill out the adoption paperwork when an animal is adopted – done during adoption events.
Collate Mailings/Hang Posters about special events

Rocky&Rielly7-2009smLeadership Positions
Board Member
Foster Coordinator
PetSmart South Coordinator
PetSmart North Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Public Relations Coordinator

Please note that all volunteers are required to read the PetsConnect Volunteer Handbook as well as sign the Waiver.

Click here to download the Volunteer Handbook
(will be available as of October 1, 2009)For More Information about Volunteer Opportunities
Please contact us at 574-282-1225
Visit us at www.blog.petsconnect.org
You can download an Application by clicking here: Volunteer Application

Fill out an application today!

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