Little Muffin



Little Muffin

3 Year old Female
Tan Chihuahua mix
Check out those ears!
Sweet natured girl
Does well with dogs and cats

Tested Heartworm positive – treated October 27th,2009


Can You Help?

Little Muffin came to us Heartworm Positive.  This is not as expensive to treat as it once was, but yet, it’s another added bill which will exceed a hundred.
pumpkin2 Be Her Angel
For $100 donation you can be Little Muffin’s one and only Angel for that will cover the majority of our expense to treat her for the Heartworm.  This only covers the poison that will kill the worms in her heart.
And is your dog on Heartworm Prevention?

Guess What? It only takes one mosquito to infect your dog with the deadly Heartworms and this is so preventable!  Keep your dog on Heartworm Prevention.

chichi_richardson_at_fence_oct_26_2009 How did she come to our program?  Little Muffin is not new to the world of rescues nor to animal shelters.  Little Muffin’s career in the rescue world started with in South Carolina, yup, this is a Southern Belle!  Last year at this time found her at Richardson Rescue located in South Carolina.  They called her Hope.  She was well taken care of: spayed, up to date on her shots AND Heartworm Negative! 
From South Carolina she was transported to her new home in Michigan to a couple who adopted her.  Alas, this is where things fell apart for they did not take her to a vet or put her on Heartworm preventative and then to top it off they dumped her at an animal shelter.
So, here she goes again.  A kind volunteer with Japanese Chin Rescue paid her bail fee and pulled from the animal shelter and then went on a search to find a rescue that could take her.

That is where we come in.  We said yes, it’s a Chihuahua mix – how hard it can it be to absorb a chichi?  They even transported her from Michigan down to Indiana!

And that folks, is how she came to be with us. 

Bet many of you had no idea what a story this could be!

casper And her journey continues…… Her new foster mom will pick her up from the vet today, take her home and then embark on four weeks of keeping her quiet as those worms die off and work their way through her system.  Wish her luck, for this little dog has a lot of energy!


Want to help?

We are in need of donations – always for the four leggeds demand to be fed!

We are always thrilled with new volunteers!

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1 Response

  1. Karen says:

    LJ is thrilled with our new foster dog. He calls Little Muffin his chick-a-wa-wa dog ! He dragged out his doctor kit so he could fix her heart.

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