Hi. When PetsConnect showed up to the shelter to pick me up, shelter staff had named me “Ginger.”  I didn’t respond very well to the name, so now I come when you call me “G.G.”  When the shelter became involved, my little body was  home to too many fleas to count, and this caused an infection that made most of my fur fall out. There I was, a bald Chihuahua mix in the cold, sharp winter winds with almost no fur. (Now most of my fur has grown back.)  In my first foster home, I began training on potty pads, but now that I have more fur and weigh about 10 pounds, I mostly go potty outside. Even though I might whine softly at first when you put me in my crate, I actually feel safe in there and will settle down and sleep or wait patiently for the time when I get to come out. I am crate trained very well. I do not chew or destroy items in the home. I would benefit from a fenced yard. I have been with other dogs and also cats. Another dog to play with would be great (but not necessary). Wherever I go to live, I will need a little bit of warm-up time; but once I know you’re my person or my family, I’m “all-in” with lots of love and kisses. I will adore you! I’m a sweet girl who will follow at your heel, sit on your lap, and play with toys. If children live in my home, it would be best if they are at least 10 years old. I am a calm and patient dog who wants to please.


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